Safety and Security Tips for Apartment Living

Apartment-SecurityAs a resident of the Westside in the Village apartment community, you will want to keep your apartment near downtown Dallas as safe and secure as possible. This will help you to be protected from intruders and various issues while you are at home and away. Take note of some of the best safety and security tips for apartment living.

  • Remember to turn deadbolt installed on your apartment doors. These are excellent and are far more sturdy and secure than a simple chain lock, which tends to be flimsy and easier for burglars to break through.
  • Remember to stop the delivery of newspaper or publications when you’re going to be away on vacation. If you’re newspaper hasn’t been touched for days, it’s an easy indicator that you’re not home.
  • When you are away from your apartment for an extended time, leave on a light or even a stereo. This creates the illusion of someone being there, dissuading breaking and entering.
  • Avoid opening doors for strangers. Always use the peep hole, ask who it is when someone knocks and wait for an answer before opening.
  • Lastly, don’t post on your Facebook, Twitter or blog details of your vacations, like when you’ll be gone.

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